About Us

GIBSON tree care and earth works have the necessary experience, skills and equipment to handle any type of vegetation and land management project - big or small.  Our services beautify the places people live and work, and improve safety by keeping private and public spaces free from hazardous obstructions.


We offer a full range of removal and maintenance services including felling/dismantling, excavation, chipping/mulching, trenching, stump grinding, auger work and much more.


We are storm damage specialists and offer a complete emergency service package to manage and remedy hazardous vegetation and land.



Contact us today to discuss your removal, maintenance or emergency requirements.

Our team are qualified arboriculture and forestry specialists, and experienced earth workers. All staff are also trained traffic management operators and first aiders. Staff regularly attends courses to upskill in areas of health and safety for civil works and height and harness safety. Our principal site operator is our nominated health and safety supervisor and is responsible for all activities within our work sites, unless otherwise stated.

Our team has been operating for 15 years in the wider Dunedin City area, with great success and client satisfaction. The team has a great depth of experience to draw from when it comes to tree care and earth work at any scale; in urban backyards, on life style blocks and commercial farms, industrial sites, as well as public spaces.  Our longevity in the trade also means we have long-established working relationships with supporting operators/contractors. This means we can provide further guidance and recommendations if your project requires additional work. We take pride in our work and aim to complete tasks in an efficient and tidy manner. We regularly seek feedback from our clients to ensure we stay at the top of our game.

Our company boasts some of the best specialised equipment in the region for arbor and land management work. This allows our team to work at almost twice the rate of others in the trade. Our machinery allows us to tackle large tasks with relative ease, compared to labour-intensive methods used by smaller operators. However, our arborists are also well equipped to complete lighter technical work with minimal disturbance to surrounds. We have access to equipment to undertake services ranging from basic pruning, through to technical crane and earth moving projects around dwellings, water bodies, power lines and roads.

The team has a great health and safety record, with no major accidents or damage to property occurring over our 15-year service period. All equipment is regularly maintained to a high standard to ensure maximum efficiency and site safety. All health and safety management plans are up to date and compliant with industry regulations. We undertake regular independent audits to ensure safe practices. All personal protection equipment is regularly updated and maintained. We take pride in our conduct in maintaining a safe working environment for our staff and our clients.

We have full indemnity insurance so that if a rare accident does occur you can be assured that your property is covered while we work.

Mark Gibson started his business almost 15 years ago and has worked hard to grow the capability and client base of the company over that time.  He is proud of the range of services his company now provides.  Mark and his team still enjoy the challenges each new project brings.


"There is a lot of personal satisfaction and pride in a job well done and you walk away knowing that clients are happy and confident in your work.  That's important in a locally born and bred business like ours."


Mark is also a member of the NZ Arboriculture Association Inc and therefore remains informed of industry developments to benefit you.